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 Ausschreibung 18. Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft F3K 2017

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 Event notification German Open F3K 2017 – FAI World Cup Contest


Date:                                      17. - 18. june 2017

Organisation:                       Deutscher Aero Club e.V. - Bundeskommission Modellflug

Sportausschuss Segelflug

Hosting Club:                       Modellfluggruppe UETZE e.V.

                                               c/o Sebastian Brandes

Am Wassergraben 9

31275 Ahlten

Tel.: +49 (0)162-3238099

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Contest organisation:         Sebastian Brandes

Contest director:                 Uwe Schönlebe


Contest rules:                      FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, Edition 2017, RC Soaring Competitions                                                  



                                               German edition BeMod                                                                          



Potential local rules, e.g. safety areas, flying areas, are part of this Event notification resp. will be announced at the briefing prior to the competition.

Competition location:         Airfield Modellfluggruppe Uetze e.V.

                                               Coordinates: (L 387 between Uetze and Bröckel),

+52° 29' 54.29", +10° 13' 18.68"

Competition website:

Antidoping rules:                 As a participant of this competition every competitor declares his

acknowledgement to the Anti-Doping-Rules of the German Aero Club (DAeC) and the national Anti-Doping-Agency (NADA). Further details can be found at:

Badges & Diplomas:           The titles International German Champion as well as International German           Junior Champion will be awarded and medals and trophies will be given to the first three places. Diplomas will be given to all Fly-Off participants.

The Junior competition requires a minimum of 4 junior pilots. Juniors are all pilots who are below the age of 18 (01.01.2017).

A separate ladies’ classification requires a minimum of 4 female pilots.

Admission terms:                Competitors have to provide a valid FAI license for 2017.

                                                           Users of 2.4 GHz radios have to announce on the registration form

2.4 GHz”.

Two frequencies are requested, registrations with only one frequency can not be accepted. Users of synthesizer transmitters/receivers may write “35A(or B)-synth” or “40-synth” on the registration.

Allowed Frequencies:

35-MHz-Band A         channel 61      (35.010MHz)              up to channel 80        (35.200MHz)

35-MHz-Band B         channel 182    (35.820MHz)              up to channel 191      (35.910MHz)

40-MHz-Band             channel 50      (40.665MHz)              up to channel 53        (40.695MHz)

2.4 Ghz

All competitors with 2.4 GHz R/C-equipment need a declaration of conformity in accordance to the Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment act (FTEG) and directive 1999/5/EG (R&TTE) or newer. This may be checked during registration on the field before the competition.

Jury:                                      The jury will be assigned prior to the beginning of the competition

Protest :                                The fee for a protest is 25.--Euro

Official languages:              German and English

Flying tasks:                        The flying tasks will be sent to the pilots about one week before the  

                                               contest. At the same time they will be published on the official website.

Time schedule: 

Friday                        16.06.2017                            14:00   Uhr       free training session   

                                                                                 20:00   Uhr       fun-qualifying

Saturday                   17.06.2017                             08:00   Uhr      Official opening

                                              08:30   Uhr      Start of competition

                                               19:00   Uhr      End of competition flights

                                               20:00   Uhr      Airfield-Dinner

Sonntag                    18.06.2017                             08:00   Uhr      Start of second day flights

                                                                                  12:00   Uhr      Latest start of last preliminary round

                                               13:00   Uhr      Start of Fly-Off

                                               16:00   Uhr      Price giving ceremony


Registration:             Before 31.05.2017 at the latest via online form at The bankaccount for payment will be mentioned via Email after registration. Entries without payment of the entry fee will not be accepted.

Entry fee:                  Senior  pilots                                                  50,-- Euro

                                   Junior pilots (not completed 18 years)          25,-- Euro

The fee for the airfield-dinner is included for the pilots.

Competitors of non EU countries are allowed to pay the entry fee by use of other methods, but only if the organizer expressly agrees.

If pilots cancel their registration after 08.06.2017, their entry fee won’t be reimbursed.


gez. Sebastian Brandes                                                                              gez. Friedmar Richter

Vorsitzender                                                                                                Fachreferent F3K

Modellfluggruppe UETZE e.V.                                                                     Sportausschuss Segelflug

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